5 Reasons to Work with Me



For 2 decades most of my work has come from 2 places. Repeat clients and word of mouth. Why? Because it gets results. Below are some of my current favorites and greatest hits. How many do you recognize?


Actionable Insights

Over 90% of DRTV projects fail. The reason 90% of those fail is simple: their Problem/Solution equation is wrong. They focus on problems driven by product’s features instead of solutions that connect to your customers’ needs and desires. Actionable Insights are consumer-centric. They’re the “Aha” moments, the sweet spots, the chinks in the customer’s psyche that flips their scripts, taking them from “Hmmm, that’s kind of interesting.” to “Wow, I’ve got to have that, now!” The key is making them ownable.


Creative Strategy

Coming up with ideas is fun. And easy. Figuring out how to present your product, what matters to your audience, what will spur them to take action – that’s tough. Strategy is the Who, What, Where, When, Why that puts those actionable insights to work. It’s the foundation of success. And the most important thing I do.


Proven Process

Successful brand and DRTV copywriting is a creative science. My structured, method driven approach gets results because it balances DRTV best practices with innovative thinking. It’s flexible and collaborative. And consolidates key information (think minute by minute breakdowns, demos, money-shots and pay-offs) so each project partner can use their expertise to make your spot or show that much better.


Save time & money in production

Didn’t realize a copywriter could do that, did you? It’s true. I spent the first decade of my career producing and supervising post for documentaries and high-end TV commercials. This gives me the inside scoop on how get the biggest bang for your production buck. It’s not unusual to help clients save my fee – or more – by using production efficiencies. It’s also led me to develop valuable tools like minute by minute program outlines and demo breakdowns which enable your production team to work smarter and faster.

Successful brand response and DRTV copywriting It Ain’t Rocket Science, or at least it doesn’t have to be

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